The designer, Eszter Aron was born in 1981, in Hungary, basically into the middle of the domestic textile business. Her grandfather was an acknowledged tailor, then the director of a huge fabric factory in Hungary. Her mother also worked in the textile industry but on the trading side. Ester fell under the spell of the fashion and creating garments at a very young age. When her family found their own trading company and started traveling around Europe to fashion fairs and exhibitions, she was already old enough to soak in the impulses of the different cultures.
AERON is known for it's sophisticated world, harmonic, clear lines and elegant fabrics. With it's vast textile selection and clear modern silhouettes, AERON is a partner for urban women who aim to embody their effeminacy in every aspect of their life and seek fresh creativity together with outstanding quality.
With the moderation of radicalism the AERON collection leads us into a new empire of luxury and becomes a new partner in our everyday lives.

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