There is no fashion label more playful, quirky, or irreverent than Moschino. The fun started in 1983, when the brand’s late founder, Franco Moschino, adorned his saucy, whimsical fashions with messages—literally words on the clothes, including statements like “Who’s to say what’s in good taste?” Often, the brand name was emblazoned in large letters, too. He went on to spoof high fashion lines, mocking such classics as the Chanel jacket with garish trimmings and details. In addition to Moschino, there is also the less expensive line Boutique Moschino, and a menswear collection that also has a sense of humor. All are consistent with the original designer’s penchant for a colorful, sexy tongue-in-cheek approach. Current creative director Jeremy Scott took the Moschino fun to a whole new level!

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