Always searching new harmonies, creating new fabrics, draping his own structures, Faycal AMOR designs collections that perfectly translate his inspiration.
Faycal AMOR was born in Tangiers, city with international status, on November 24th 1949. His father was a Moroccan industrial leader, his mother a Russian painter. At the age of 24, destined for a career as businessman, he decides however to devote himself to fashion. He works out a new dying process, finds local textile mills to manufacture an innovative fabric and designs his first collection, which is immediately bought by French industrials who sell it under their own label.
Willing to express his own conception of fashion, he creates in 1986 the label PLEIN SUD that is immediately successful in France and overseas. Since the creation of his label, Faycal AMOR most important concern has been the development of the company structures integrating design, manufacture and marketing. The designer has also developed during the past years various lines complementing the main one PLEIN SUD. Following PLEIN SUD SOIR in 1994, he launches PLEIN SUD SUN in 1995, PLEIN SUD JEANIUS and SHOES in 1997 and PLEIN SUD TRICOT in 1999.

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