A brand for brandless man.

Caruso is a menswear brand that caters to men who want to express their individuality and distinguish themselves without resorting to excesses or extravagances. The brand believes in a light way of building tailored garments, which becomes an easy way to use them. Caruso proposes softness as a tool for constant evolution, a language called playful elegance, which can be spoken by men of all ages and backgrounds.

Caruso's collections reflect a relaxed but irreverent spirit that knows how to nonchalantly break up clichés. The brand is perfect for the charismatic, refined man whose style shows without needing to show off. Caruso is designed for men who love beautiful, refined, and valuable things but prefer to keep them as their little secret. Caruso's collections exude a joyful and sensual act with a proudly Italian soul.

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