The Castaner company was founded in 1927 by Luis Castaner and his nephew Tomàs Serra. The company went through various periods of crisis. In 1936, the company was nationalised during the Spanish Civil War. The espadrille was then a product almost exclusively worn by soldiers going to the front. In 1950, vulcanised rubber and a manufacturing system for injecting the rubber made its appearance, and the company's sales plummeted. The company had to wait until 1960, when thanks to a famous Parisian salon, the upward trend returned. Yves Saint Laurent made a request that was completely out of the ordinary: espadrilles with heels. Thanks to this innovation, the espadrille finally left the everyday rural world to make a startling entry into the world of fashion and luxury footwear. Today, Castaner is a solid company that is omnipresent on red carpets, in haute couture but also in all the capitals of the world.

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