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Founded in 2018, JW PEI is a fashion retailer based in Los Angeles. The American label is dedicated to creating a progressive, vegan designer brand made for the modern woman.

Its inspiration stems from the belief that fashion should be effortless, inclusive and empowering. JW PEI designers strive to stand out thanks to extraordinary designs and dedication to vegan leather made from recycled plastics. In this way, the fashion brand minimises its impact on the planet and demonstrates true social and environmental responsibility.

Whether you have a minimalist style or like to experiment with colour and patterns, at JW PEI you are sure to find something to suit your personal taste and preferences. JW PEI develops accessible fashion for everyone and offers a wide range of bags and accessories that are both trendy and timeless.

We invite you to explore our collections and discover why more and more women around the world are choosing JW PEI.

Welcome to JW PEI - where style, ethics and innovation come together.

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