Liu Jo

RTW WOMEN (Belux), RTW MEN (Benelux), FOOTWEAR (Benelux), ACCESSOIRES (Benelux)

Liu Jo - a strong story for more than 20 years

Liu Jo, a dynamic Italian fashion label, has been scoring high with its ultra-feminine, glamorous and elegant customers for 25 years now. Founded in the fashionable heart of Carpi in Italy, the label quickly gained a following in its homeland, but was also quickly picked up internationally by strong multibrand stores. For a few years now, the BELUX has also had various monobrand stores in important fashion cities such as Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges.

Today, the Liu Jo brand comprises various lines: Liu Jo Black Label, Liu Jo White Label, Liu jo Knitwear, Liu Jo Blue Denim, Liu Jo Sport, Liu Jo Accessories, Liu jo Soft Accessories and Liu Jo Shoes. The diverse offer appeals to a large target group, which makes a wide and strong distribution possible. Liu Jo really offers something for everyone. If you feel a match for this brand, come and take a look in our showroom at Fashion Club 70.

The Liu Jo success story continues with the arrival of Liu Jo UOMO. After more than twenty years as a pioneer in the female fashion world, the Italian fashion label knows how to position itself as a top brand of smart urban wear for men. Think: elegance, ultra masculine and stylish. We are therefore delighted to welcome Liu Jo UOMO to our showroom at Fashion Club 70.

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