3 x 1 (pronounced "three by one") is a high-end denim label exclusively for people who love authentic fashion. The brand is literally woven into the lifestyle of denim, so it is no wonder that the name is a derivative of a well-known weaving construction used in the production of denim, called the 3x1 (Right Hand Twill).

Strength and passion are the words to describe this brand. This is due to the brand's raw, laid-back look that is combined with a mentality of customization. This translates into denim of superior quality and refined fits.

Already since 2011, 3x1 Denim has been at the forefront of the denim industry. The label changed the way people looked at denim by completely upending and reinventing the manufacturing process.

All of 3x1's denim is supplied by Candiani Denim, one of the best factories in the world for producing high-quality, microplastic-free fabric. The 3x1 collections are designed to ensure the best combination of comfort and style.

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