PINKO, the "MUZE" of founder Pietro Negra and his wife Cristina Rubini. Over the years, their daughters Cecilia and Caterina also joined the company. PINKO is a response to the fashion needs of an independent, strong and sexy woman. This woman is acutely aware of her femininity and determined to express it in a variety of ways. The collections are distinguished by their unique, original and contemporary look. But above all because of the wide range of themes and styles available: Essentials, Evening, Knitwear, Puff Coats, Leather and DENIM.

"An iconic bag": classic must-have from PINKO that is renewed every season yet remains true to its versatile and stylish character.

These are usually presented in MAIN collection, a highly fashionable shoe collection ranging from fashion trainers to beautiful leather boots and sandals.

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